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"Draw It" Out Now

It’s January 6th, 2023 and that means our new song Draw It is now out everywhere. But it also means that, as we flip our calendars over six days late and cheat on our barely week-old diets, that the year 2013 was now a decade ago. Why aren’t you freaking out about that? You should be fully freaking out about that fact. Take a second to realize and internalize completely how 2013 was a fucking decade ago. Okay? Did you do it? Good. Now press play.

On the surface, this song could be about a lot of things. It’s about coming of age. It’s about toxic relationships with duplicitous people. It’s about calming the storm of envy inside of your own mind. And perhaps most importantly, it’s about how the song’s narrator is trying to tell you to come up with your own interpretation and stop burdening them with that responsibility.

If the Fallout video game series has taught us anything, it’s to sing a happy song as you skip through the dystopian wasteland. And as this song attempts to provide a similar soundtrack, the imagery conveyed is more personal in nature than can be conjured by a nuclear bomb going off in a major city.

Growing up means asking yourself a lot of difficult questions. Why do good things happen to bad people? Why do the saddest songs often sound the sweetest? Is originality worth pursuing in a world that thrives on cyclical self-referential algorithms? Where does Anya Taylor Joy find the time to be in so many movies?

We are not here to tell you that we have any of the answers. We can only strongly suggest to you that in a world constantly telling you to become something, make sure you become yourself.


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