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TOUR STOP #5 - WACO, TX (3/15/22)

Back in the great state of Texas. It was fun to get out of the state for the first time, but there is still a lot of TX we have never gotten to. We passed back through the DFW for a brief taste of home before being gone through the end of the week. This made the drive seem much longer TBH. Tulsa to Waco was the longest trek we made during this tour and by the time we finally made it to downtown Waco we were completely zapped. We found enough energy to venture into downtown a little bit though somehow.

As you may know, I went to Baylor and graduated in 2015. I thought being back in Waco for the first time in so many years would initiate some weird feelings. Nostalgia and all that crap. While dining at my 2nd favorite taco shop in Waco - since La Milpa is closed on Tuesdays :( - I didn’t feel much of anything. Even though so much has changed about this town in the past 5 years, it still feels very familiar to me. It’s a place I am still close to even though I never travel down there anymore. I come back to it and still know my way around the streets and where the best place to park is if you are trying to get to Common Grounds. A small piece of my personhood will always be in Waco TX whether I like it or not.

It was so awesome to be playing downtown. It has really become such a lively place. Week on the Beach provided amazing support and it was lovely catching up with Jenna from Cherry Mantis again. A supportive and encouraging bunch they all were.

OH, and btw the Airbnb we stayed at was CRAZY. We exited the circle towards Robinson and our destination was showing up as this big warehouse building that had a business sign out front for an AC/Heating company. A barbershop was also attached to the same building. It looked like a massive barn of some sort sitting on the side of a highway. We got there and I was sure for a brief moment that we had been scammed. But lo and behold I entered the code into the keypad on one of the several doors on the building and we entered a full three-bedroom apartment without any issue. I really knew how to pick ‘em when it came to places to stay on this trip.


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