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TOUR STOP #6 - SAN ANTONIO, TX (3/16/22)

A word of advice: If you are trying to get from Waco to San Antonio down I-35 during South by Southwest, do yourself a big favor and catch the toll road that goes AROUND downtown Austin instead of driving right through it. We missed our exit and got hit with a one-two punch of festival and rush hour traffic. Passing time in the car was not that bad, but the constant starting then stopping was mental torture.

Finally arriving in San Antonio was a godsend, and the super friendly folks waiting for us at The Starlighter was the cherry on top. The relatively new venue was located in a badass area of town too. Fredericksburg St in Beacon Hill near downtown. The place next door, Output Audio, was putting on a show of their own.

A few of us went next door between sets and caught a scene of the craziest music I have ever seen. Noise acts doing their thing. Expressing emotively over feedback loops and sound waves. Crawling on the floor and screaming their lungs out into broken record players. After several weeks and months of very structured rehearsal and writing processes, it was such a breath of fresh air to see something more open, and free from convention. It was half live music and half high concept performance art. It was refreshing and cleansed my soul to see it.


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