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TOUR STOP #2 - FT. WORTH, TX (3/11/22)

Ft. Worth is only about a 35 or 40-minute drive from the center of Dallas. Even so, whenever we find ourselves in the Panther City, it always feels like another world. We love playing out there though, it’s always felt like home even though none of us have ever spent too much time out there.

As far as the whole Dallas vs. Ft. Worth rivalry thing goes, I am firm on my position that the whole argument is nonsense. There is no rivalry, we are all just simply North Texans. One of the best things about living up here is that you get to own it all. Someone asks where you are from, and you get to say, “I’m from North Texas.” From Mesquite to Argyle. From DeSoto to McKinney. All that the light touches belongs to you. Call me a collectivist but I am for the Unification of North Texas.

We flew I-30 in record time to get to Main at South Side (M.A.S.S.) at load-in. Apparently, the threat of “Winter Weather” was enough to keep the commuters off the road. We’ve had some bad weather luck in the past at M.A.S.S. and that curse seems to be alive and well. Though the cold kept some folks at bay, it was still a great stop. The sound at M.A.S.S. is seriously among the best we ever get from local venues. Our support stayed out late with us and kept us motivated into the weekend.


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